About us

The Diarist Projects is an online collection of real life stories from real people. This online journal serves as a platform for anyone to express themselves through writing as a means of coping up with the challenges, trials and problems in life. As an emerging online writing platform, the primary objective of “The Diarist Projects” is to create a community that would encourage aspiring writers to develop their talent in writing and at the same time, inspire its readers through the stories published.

Launched on May 2017, The Diarist Projects is founded by Syrine Gladys Podadera and Mike Halili who finished their degree in Communication at Far Eastern University. Syrine finished at the top of her class and was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Senior Students of FEU on top of graduating as Magna Cum Laude. Mike Halili is the former Vice President of the Communication Society, the student governing body of the FEU College of Communication. He is currently pursuing his passion in writing through his startup lifestyle blog and The Diarist Projects.