The New Normal Series

The past few months drastically changed our daily routine and have stripped us off necessary activities. We were left with little to no option on how to go through our days. The things that we thought were important suddenly turned into activities we can live without. We started this year with lots of goals in mind. For some, it might be the year of saving money, getting that license, finding a new job, or maybe traveling the world. But turns out, this year is just about staying alive. Because in the first place, isn’t that what matters most?

On our quest for greatness, we have forgotten how to breathe. Our daily routines used to revolve around rushing to work, skipping meals, and staying up late. We missed out on family dinners to attend to work matters. Our minds were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. That was the normal and we thought we had everything under control, then the plot twist happened.

We were all caught off-guard. What we hated about the outside also turned out to be the things we are missing the most. The places that were bustling with tourists are now eerily quiet. The city that never sleeps is now having the rest it had waited for so long. Humans don’t stop until they have no choice. And that’s exactly what happened. In one snap, the world came to a stop.

We are now confronted with the reality that we are never the masters. We thought we had things under control but we have been slapped with the truth that we are merely inhabitants on this planet. We are temporarily here and it’s not up to us to decide until when we’re staying. We can develop the most sophisticated technology but at the end of the day, the works of nature and the invisible will always be more powerful.

There’s no doubt that we will get through this dark phase. We have always survived and humans will continue to exist, as long as we are allowed to. But instead of fearing the unseen and the unthinkable, it is better to be grateful for just being here. Life is so precious and short. Rich and fame won’t protect us from death and there’s never a thing called job security.

This pandemic taught us a lot of things especially the truth about our mortality, our responsibility, and the fact that this is all temporary. Thus, we created this series. #TheNewNormal is a collection of stories from different cities in the world. This initiative aims to feature how COVID-19 changed the world’s way of living – one city (and country) at a time.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the articles under #TheNewNormal category belong solely to the authors, and not necessarily to the authors’ employers, organizations, committees or other groups or individuals.

Check out the stories here.

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