I remembered very well
The first time that I passed here.
So many memories to dwell
And so many stories to share.
From my first enrollment
And the time that I rush for overnight
Up to my graduation moment
And the broad daylight.

I remembered running
As I was almost late for my class.
Walking, talking and laughing
With my friends after class.
Shouting and crying
For unspoken arguments when people pass.
Staring and reflecting
Of how long my allowance will last.

But the most cherished memory I had
Was whenever I was with you.
You never made me feel bad
When I shared all of my blues.
All your stories made me glad
And you gave me another point of view.
Sometimes we asked if the world went mad
Because of the things that we never knew.

But sad to say that we parted ways.
We said our goodbyes and never looked back.
Thinking of when I will see your face
Or just praying for luck
That we end this maze.
And meet again without any blocks
Until I will wait for days
Our pictures together will just be part of throwback.


circle-cropped (13)Dianne Pogosa is a Juris Doctor student from Vincenzo Sagun, Zamboanga del Sur. She is currently taking a break from law school this semester. On her spare time, she listens to different genres of music and reads books. She loves deep conversations, coffee, cats, dogs and stars.

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