Dishonesty always costs


Life is a matter of choice and disposition. Our thoughts may sometimes break the core of all our principles. We sometimes bend self-created rules for people we consider important. Things may not be as perfect as we desire it to be. But, in actuality, things should not be perfect to begin with – they just need to be true.

How much do you value, truth? How do you see honesty in the midst of all uncertainties? Take it from me, I have been through the harshest truths and survived the same. It is the disposition of our minds that will always keep us going or keep us drowning. Turning the table of negativity to positivism is the hardest yet fulfilling thing to do.

In life we meet people who are used to lie their way just to get a favorable response and keep the “goodness” of the situation. It is their mechanism to keep things going and make it appear that everything is all right, when in reality things has been really wrong. For what conscience should one consider that we create a scenario of make-believe for those who have been pouring themselves for people they thought deserving? Is it not selfishness that through deceit people has kept those who deserved to be freed? Why should one try hard to hold on, at the expense of honesty, when they know exactly that what they are doing is feigning?

Have you ever been lied to? If I may answer…

YES. A lot of times. But with all the lies I’ve learned how to forgive. I’ve learned that no matter how much we deserve truth and honesty, other people do not think the same. And we have to forgive because we have to set ourselves free from the toxicity of all these negative ions that will definitely try to eat our sanity. At the end of it all, you will still be very proud that at least you did no wrong at that all you were after was for people to be good in life. And so the only thing I think is viable when confronted with this kind of situation, and people, is to learn the art of forgiving. After all, there is no harm to forgive and it won’t be shame on you… it will always be shame on them.

In the course of forgiving, it does not mean that you have to bring it all together again and make things as normal as it is. No, you have to decide and let these people go. You have to consider that you are a human being worthy of all the respect that should be afforded to you and that forgiving does not mean keeping them still. We do not want robbers to be around us just like we do not want liars to lure and make us believe again.

Painful as it may seem sometimes, but we have to learn and unlearn that some people find happiness in the world they are trying to create at the expense of honest and genuine relationships. I tell you, the best you can offer is a genuine relationship – not perfect but true. And please, do not hurt people with lies, especially if these people did everything to make you a better one and have sacrificed even their values just to see you succeed.

Let me close this borrowing the words of Michael Josephson saying, “Honesty doesn’t always pay, but dishonesty always costs.”


picsart_04-15-05-197671806.pngJohn Christopher Silvosa is a Corporate Social Responsibility and Humanitarian Practitioner. He is a graduate of Mass Communications and an advocate of sustainable community development. He finds writing as a stress reliever and poetry as an expression of his soul. He considers himself as a dormant writer triggered by life’s wonders.

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