My sweet distraction


In a midst of sadness, I saw you there
I sat silently but you were too busy
I panicked but you were calm
I felt sad but you were smilingOh how ironic it is
The place you considered your home was a nightmare to me

I saw you the second day, then the following day, and the next couple of days
Didn’t notice that I was slowly falling for a stranger like you
Asked my self why? Didn’t get any chance to talk to you and yet I was falling

Your coming was totally a bomb to me
I was distracted on what and how I should feel
You lessen my worries, without you knowing it
Oh my nightingale, you just took away my misery

You took care of my treasure
And I was in awe with your beautiful soul
Now I had my answers on how distracted I was with your busyness, your calmness and your smiles the first night I saw you
Yes, you unknowingly distracted me

I tried to approach you
But you were kinda snob
Now, I’m starting to feel this butterfly in my stomach
I am in thirst to know your name, even just your name

And then I suddenly realized,
You were my sweet distraction on this nightmare
And I don’t wanna end it to be just this, please hear my voice.


The author prefers to remain anonymous.

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