See me, hear me, feel me


I’d finally confess,
I am constantly searching for your warmest touch and caress.
With your trust and love fading,
Deep within me is a heart that is badly aching,
It’s your love and presence I am uncontrollably longing.
Asking when will this burden end?

When will you see me again?
And when will you kiss me again?
When will you hug me over so tight?
And when will you be my blanket once more on a long cold night?

Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
I’ve been and I’ll be feeling so alone,
Listening to countless sweet music without any tone.
Tell me how can I be happy?
Because when you are not around, I feel so empty.

Scared that one day you’ll choose to stay away,
Once and for all,
I’d leave you with something to ponder each day.
Will you ever see me, hear me, and feel again?


picsart_06-11-101116005486.pngMarlery Cagulada Lanzaderas, 28, is a second year medical student born and raised in Dumalinao, Province of Zamboanga del Sur. He’s an advocate of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and awareness. As he rediscovered his love for writing, he’s been a believer that “The pen is mightier than any sword.”

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