One day


One day, the agony buried in your heart will be washed away by the ocean waves.

Your arms which used to be wrapped around with bruises would be covered in fine white sand. Your broken pieces will come together. You will finally know the meaning behind the blood and sweat you shed. And you will be surprised of the sweet changes happening in front of you.

One day, you will understand why people come and go.

The place once empty will be filled with the ones you love. They are the people you will share both laughter and tears with. They will be with you to celebrate every wins. But most especially, they will be there for you when things go downhill.

One day, you will feel a different — and deeper — kind of happiness.

Your tears will no longer pour out of hurt, but because of the overwhelming happiness that flood and warm your insides. The ear-to-ear smile you once lost will find its way back to you. And this time, it will light up every room you enter. Your tummy would ache no more from too much stress but from too much laughter.

One day, you will see the sun brighter than it’s ever been.

Days would no longer be about you having to endure the world falling down on your shoulders from dawn ’till dusk. Sleepless nights are finally not caused by depressing train of thought eating you up, but because good things don’t leave you even as you lay down in bed. They gently crawl through your veins rushing deep into your bones, keeping your soul awake.

One day, you will realize why not giving up mattered.

There will be no more war zone not because you loss. But because you won. You won by choosing your battles. You won by allowing — and accepting — downfall to take place. But only to take place. And not to forever take over.

One day, you will find out why things happened the way they did.

Your face will turn lobster red not because of heartbreak or embarrassment or disappointment. But because you are blushing upon seeing how far you have been, how mature you have become, and how your sufferings have shaped you to be stronger and wiser and better.

One day.


received_2444258908929296-369813241.jpegDahser Lumalang works a 9 to 5 job in a corporate setting. As a writer, he aspires to inspire others through his stories and his greatest influence in writing is Bianca Sparacino of Thought Catalog. Check out his platform, Turn Write. 

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