A lot of people don’t have the vibrant ruby that keeps the lava flowing
Because they isolate their passion into a cold obsidian
The flame and desire to find some kind of meaning
Sometimes leads to a dark deep oblivion.

My ruby keeps me awake most of the night
So I spend most of the times thinking about the star light
Voyaging through space surrounded by yellow flicker dots
Walking on the blanket of space until my heart rots.

Pump and pump until it gets to the crust
Hot and blazing magma boiling my thoughts
Building up inside a too little chamber
Exploding on a piece of digital paper.

Oh ruby, how I adore your color
A little bit of red when I think about your odor
Your personality is elegant as a rose flower
A bloody mess of a being
Your grace will never get colder.


picsart_10-25-091704769380.pngMarco Camilo Mojares writes poems as a way to vent his feelings. Some of them ends up becoming a song. Aside from writing, he likes memes and loves music. Read his previous poem here.

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