The pain never stops
With every waking day
I convince myself every night
But the tears never seem to go away

I conjure up a smile
To fool my peers to see
Yet deep inside I know
The only one I’m lying to, is me

I can’t afford to miss you
Because then, I’ll be a wreck
I’ll wear a spurious gleam in my eye
But you’re the only one who knows it’s fake

I do not love you anymore
I’ve moved on, I’m free
I had my share of laughter
Then why am I still in misery?

What’s done is done
Yet I can’t seem to understand
How can you make promises?
When you’re the one letting go of my hand

In the blackest of sorrows, you chose to go
Be that as it may, I wish you well
No matter how much I tell myself I hate you
I know in my heart, I love you still.


picsart_05-22-101590818858.pngDaniel Franco G. Pobe, 23, is an AB English student at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines. Check out his previous poem, Redemption.

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