A letter to a cannot be

By M

If ever I would be given the chance to make a speech for you, I would. But as I start to face that perfectly symmetrical mask of yours which I quite adore, I stand corrected for what I thought I can utter.

I am like a diagnosed patient that is in need of oxygen. I ought to say at least a “Hi” yet I am panting due to the speed on my heartbeat whenever you look at me with your cold dagger eyes.

I know I’m not worth the waste of time but maybe, just maybe, you could give me a minute just like what Time has given to Alice.

I wish that you’re just a satellite in the night sky not a star that is millions of light years away from the reach. I will travel to space just like an astronaut to see your earth’s beauty. I will absorb the aesthetic silence of the observatory while connecting the constellations of your astronomy.

I hope that a sinner like me gets to hold a saint that has focused on just one advocacy and I strengthen my faith by watching you from the mountains of leaping cheers. I prayed that a resolution of God’s time will be fallen to my extent so that I can spend the whole day just to be with you.

Whenever you look at my direction, it feels like lightning struck the grounds of Chicago. Whenever we pass by each other, its like the tsunami that hit Tokyo. Whenever you smile, its like I’m feasting over the creamy chocolates and sweet wines of Paris. Whenever you’re near, its like I’m battling the sand storms of Egypt.

I know its sound exaggerated; a hyperbole it is. But its true that I have felt a little warmth in the cold. Would you cover my shivering shoulder with your jet black coat? Or would you continue your trail and just pass the cupped hand of a silent beggar?


The writer wishes to remain anonymous. She dedicates this letter to Paul.

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