Hidden despair


They don’t know,
My heart is in pain,
My mind is not sane,
My soul is lonely as the rain.

They don’t know,
I was a laughing stock,
I stayed still like a rock,
No one got my back.

They don’t know,
I have tons of rant,
I feel insignificant,
I’m someone everyone doesn’t want.

They don’t know,
I cried in school,
I was used like a tool,
I was hurt by a fool.

They don’t know,
What I’ve been through,
What they know is untrue,
The reason why they think of me as their foe.


picsart_02-12-11-1387486018.pngBibi Jessica Golocino is a self-proclaimed poet who is trying live this fleeting life to the fullest. She considers herself as a confused soul who uses a pen to console herself from the harsh reality and compensate for all the struggles she has gone through.

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