One drop over the other,
One count more than the other,
One is enough to be accounted,
Better than what is expected.

The pain tortures the pipe
As it drops to the distant life,
Bringing drought to the living,
But none for the sleeping.

Everything is so sudden,
No pain, no breath, and no sorrow,
Filling the whole into emptiness.
Embracing the fear,
The void they see and the peace they feel.
Bridging death for harmony.


picsart_02-09-03-224354936.pngKyle Patrick De Guzman is a student taking up BA in Communication in Far Eastern University – Manila. He is the Literary Head Editor at their institute magazine and currently part of their university choir – FEU Chorale as Bass 2 singer. He is finishing his books Dreamshade and Things that can happen, which can be read at Wattpad.

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