The anatomy of you leaving me


There I was standing alone
Waiting for someone to bring me
To a place I could call “home”
But then the clock kept ticking
And it seemed like no one was coming.

So I decided to bid my farewell
To a place that was very still
Finally taking a step towards agony
Of believing there was no you and me.

The human body is amazing
It has 206 bones that enable us
To stand up, hold on, and let go.

But why is it that when you were moving away,
There was not enough bones to hold me completely?

I was left hollow, boneless, and vulnerable.

Next to the bones are the muscles.
There are approximately more than 300 muscles
That enable heartbeats, lift weights, and debates.

But why is it that when you were walking away,
There was not enough muscles in me to hold you to stay?

Next are the organs. The largest is our skin.
Basically the vanguard of the human body.
The skin has the ability to sense emotion from an external condition.

But why is it that when you were hurting me, there was not enough skin to shield me from everything you had to say?

We have the human body.
206 bones as frame
300 muscles for muscular durability
And a thousandfold skin as an armor.

But none can ease the pain of losing you,
the pain of oblivion, the pain of you leaving me to mourn.


picsart_02-13-01811185151.pngRoy Quiseo currently works as a private school teacher in Siargao Island, Philippines. Aside from teaching, he’s involved with Juan 4 Nature as an external affairs associate officer. He considers himself as an outgoing person who loves reading classic novels and watching anime.

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