I dug my pocket for some poetry


There’s this poem
I’ve been keeping
All along.

The pink Catholic Church
Beside the plaza,
Thick, hot, humid air clinging
To sweat-teared muscles,
Ceiling fans singing sun glare,
Dust balls homely in corners,
Someone shouting “Shit”
In local language.

The pier peering over water
In a seaweed attraction,
Freefalling, skinny bodies,
Boats on nearby shore
Ready to sail away to any place
Except home.

There’s this poem
Tucked into my pocket,
Beaten in denim void, evolving
In the interiors of our house
By the little barrio road,
Papa’s kitchen screaming
Sticky lomi.

Where I am is the closest
I will be.

There’s this poem
I’ve been keeping
Along with me.


picsart_02-11-021696198436.pngVanessa Rhea Penecitos, 24, is from Siargao, Philippines. She is an office professional working as an HR practitioner. She loves going outdoors, especially hiking and trekking. When she’s not outdoors, she’s usually just at home curled up in a sofa with a book in hand.

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