Forever person


There you are walking towards me
The brightest star that outshines the dimmest skies
Together again after a long time
Nothing has changed between you and I

As the night went on
Butterflies in our stomach
And glimpses of our souls

Alcohol down our throats
True intentions we spoke

We looked at each other
And with every beat of my heart
It complimented yours

It felt at that moment
Forever is due
And I spoke to you

“Can I keep you forever?”

You nodded and I replied,
“I don’t want to lose you.”

But everything makes sense now.

We are the Sun and Moon
That misses each other.

Like two parallel lines,
Always moving but never intersecting.

At the end we earned
being one another’s forever.

Always for each other,
but never together.

The author dedicates this poem to the person who inspired him to write it. Her name is Hannah and she loves her forever person. According to the author, she is one of the bravest person he knows who can and will love unconditionally.

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