No air


Amidst the morn I was Aladdin’s Jasmine.
Clouds, trees and bodies of the blue sea
Chased the steps of unfreezing scene.

I felt the chills that warmed me,
Yet chasm warned me.
I fought the pressure in me,
So that tranquility would bloom with glee.

I wanted to rewrite the stars,
I wanted to roam with your carpet
Till we see a whole new world.
This feeling’s like no other,
So moments were painted with crimson smiles.

Eyes were the voices
That echoed our gawky words.
I was sane yet insane
For seconds, minutes, hours
Till full tilt time was shunned.

There was a connection out of illusion
But bottom line wasn’t confusion,
‘Twas the magical fusion
Of humans chained by contrast.

My vision dimmed in sight.
Held my horses with unsound delight,
Crushing and burning collided
When you surfed with the tide.

The night showered stars,
Yet my heart cried a river.
The last time there was no air
Meant the war with you, my knight
Who shielded me from shiver.


picsart_01-13-091360725101.pngBrian Paul Sta. Ana is a Manileño who has found simple life in Siargao Island, Philippines. He has been teaching for four years and he enjoys singing, drawing and dancing. Brian considers writing poems and essays as his sweet ecstacy.

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