Be happy, my faithful D


I was broken, torn apart
I was rejected again from his heart.
I tried so hard to please him
Yet he’s numb and I’m dumb.

I cried a thousand tears
Aiming for his love
I believed he could like me
But then again he just felt sorry.

I moved on, finding my path
I promised to myself not to love again
To be wiser and be genuine
Wait, no… I heard my heart beat again.

This time, I met D
He glows and shine as he smiles to me
His eyes would sparkle like the starry night
He struck my heart and brought back the light.

We bond, we travel, we explore what’s ours
And me so clueless what fate devours
He showed some motives that gives me hope
I thought our bond is as strong as a rope.
Then came that day when I found out
His heart is taken without no doubt
She loves my D and he loves her
A perfect couple they make together.

Here I am, inside my cabin
Tears fell down like a broken haven
Despair flooded my empty mind
Thinking what’s wrong or am I just blind?

Now, I am fully awakened by my fantasies
Come on, girl stop dreaming your own reality
Maybe I’m just cursed by my fate
It leaves my soul some hate.

I can never blame you D if you chose her
She’s pretty, well-driven and better
All I can say is she’s lucky
She got you my lovely Bee.

At this moment I just accepted
What’s only mine and you’re not included
You belong with someone you deserve
And I do appreciate I am not that someone.

My faithful D, if you happen to read this
I’m sorry for loving you
But one thing is for sure

Even if you’ll forget me,
forever for you, I’ll be happy.


picsart_10-24-111704769380.pngGrazielle Joyce Gemparo has a passion in writing literature especially poems. Aside from loving poetry, she is also into baking. As an education student, she believes that what you love is what you are and your passion describes your profession.

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