I was in search for air, I can’t seem to breathe
All so negative, everywhere, up and beneath
I am like a petal falling from the wreath
No hope above, nothing underneath

Days pass, so dark and dense, as if it did not know me
Even if I raise my hand, it doesn’t seem noticing me
I sought for another hand to grab, hold and grasp
The feeling is like drowning as if it is the last gasp

And then YOU came, changed the rules of the game
I was in awe – not even believing – thinking all is the same
“Nothing extraordinary,” as I recall hearing your name
I did not find the purpose or the genuineness of the aim

Yet fate has a better understanding than what I know
Having less faith, I risked the chance to know you
I was dragged into a situation between yes or no
Afraid to stumble but then I still said “go.”

And then there was you painting my world-so-gray
Unexpected colors emerged, out of nowhere in any way
I was again startled by the simple yet amazing glow
Though hesitant, I gave in and gratitude I did show

No one have told me that it is easy or hard or simple
What I know is that you made each day so colorful
The feeling of negativity was transformed to positivity
In your arms, my heart is kept in a desirable captivity

The future offers too much of unimaginable uncertainty
Tomorrow may not be the same as how it is today
In all these things, I will keep my hopes inside me
Whatever happens, I will thank God for giving me the gift of thee.


picsart_12-04-081403553034.pngJohn Christopher Silvosa is a Corporate Social Responsibility and Humanitarian Practitioner. He is a graduate of Mass Communications and an advocate of sustainable community development. He finds writing as a stress reliever and poetry as an expression of his soul. He considers himself as a dormant writer triggered by life’s wonders.

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