She’s got broken chards where her heart is supposed to be
And it’s getting impossible to clear it up
She’s got cuts and bruises where her lips is supposed to be
I should know ’cause I’m the one who messed it up.

She’s got broken dreams and I’ve got these broken things
And they are not what they appear to be
But if there’s one real thing you would choose to believe
Just don’t lose your faith in me.

I’m way in over my head
And she’s out of my point of view
But I can get this all right
Just make my voice brand new and I’ll give it all to you.

Well I’ve been trading places with the ghosts in me
And it’s really starting to make me sick
But if there’s one real thing I could choose to believe
Just a little hope could do the trick.

She’s got skeletons where her hopes should be
But there are moments where I think I’m really getting through
I’ve waited for this moment for so long
If you think this was easy, you’re dead wrong.

I know I haven’t seen it for a long while
I just wanna see you smile
No need for a chuckle, no need for a laugh
I ask for the one thing I’ve been dreaming of.

If your heart is true then I’ll be with you
Cause you know that you’re the one I adore
And we both know, we always knew
That I have always loved you more.


picsart_10-22-051704769380.pngDaniel Franco G. Pobe, 23, is an AB English student at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines.

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