Here’s what to do before love hits you


Each person in this world has a pre-determined destined someone. All of us have lived to believe this line and we have all silently waited for that someone.

For some, they may have already met their pre-determined partner a long time ago while others are in the arms of a wrong person before they finally meet “The One.”

You may be one of those people who are simply hoping, waiting and from time to time jealous of your friends who are happily committed. You are always the third or even fifth wheel but have never been someone else’s date.

You may have been giving love advice to your friends. At some point, you even pity and question yourself for not having a significant someone to love you back. However, things are about to change for here are 6 things you can do to prepare yourself before love hits you.

1. Focus on your professional growth.

Your time is one of the key elements of relationships. Hence, you will devote your weekends, holidays, day offs and vacant time to your pre-destined someone once he arrives. You will do everything to maximize the moments that you have together even at the expense of forgetting, if not neglecting, some of your responsibilities and even your closest friends.

You may even rethink about enrolling for graduate studies because you still haven’t had enough of your dates and outing. I bet, you would just shrug the thought of pursuing higher education or attending some seminars since its impossible for universities and any other academic related organizations to close its doors.

You’re actually right. You are always welcome to enroll in these institutions. However, a time will come when your body, brain and even your current lifestyle will hinder you from honing your career and professional growth. It may be your age, new family responsibilities and finances or just simply yourself who has lost its drive for further excellence. Before this happens, drop everything and start attending classes and seminars for your own professional growth so you could enjoy your doctorate degree for a quite longer time.

2. Learn how to admit mistakes and apologize.

If challenges make us tougher in life then big fights actually make a relationship stronger. One way to fall in love deeply with your partner is having life changing challenges and overcoming it together. Nothing will beat a relationship that has been through a lot of difficult times. But this isn’t easy. You actually have to compromise and to do so, you must set aside your pride or even change some of your principles. But not all people could do this. They would rather leave than change and compromise.

To avoid having that TOTGA or “The One That Got Away “ and live with regrets, you must master the art of admitting your mistakes without pointing out your partner’s lapses. This is quite difficult and awkward but this is also super worth it.

3. Go to dates and meet different kinds of people.

Yep. You heard me right. You have to go to various dates, be it blind dates or double dates to develop your discerning cognitive skills. But, you have to remember to always guard you heart at all times. You didn’t wait patiently for your destined someone just to give your best to whoever arrives first and be taken for granted and worst, abused. You have to discern the right one from the many wrong ones.

Indeed, love works in mysterious ways but it doesn’t work without a master to control it. In this case, you are the master of the game. Play it right and here’s a good tip: Don’t choose the person who does not compromise and does not include you in his dreams or introduce you to his family and friends.

4. Invest on things that matter.

Who says single people have nothing to spend on since we don’t go to dates or buy expensive anniversary gifts? This is such a big misconception. All single people out there should invest on their physical looks. Don’t hesitate to buy the clothes that make you look sexier and don’t you dare have second thoughts on going to gym to tone you muscles and ass. You can also go to salon and skin clinic to make your skin glower and radiant. All of us have the right to improve our God-given beauty. After all, the best feeling in the world is to stay and remain beautiful while waiting for our destiny.

5. Fulfill your plans.

Before we meet our ‘The One’, we already have plans of our own. Some of us thought of travelling, doing extreme sports and going on a trip with strangers. Others have plans in learning technical skills like cooking, metal work, textile and others while some are planning to pursue their childhood hobbies of singing, dancing and theater. Whatever your plans may be, you have no excuses not to fulfill it. Stop waiting for your dream guy to take actions in your plans. He can only be at your side to support and cheer for you while you are fulfilling your plans and nothing else.

6. Savor the ‘waiting time’ of your pre-destined someone.

This is the time to stop looking for answers on the question “Why are you still single?” Stop wasting your brain cells, time and emotions on this rhetorical question rather find time in getting to know yourself. Instead of self-pity and self-doubt, you should try your best to chase your demons away and to heal your wounds so you could start afresh when you finally meet the one who’s meant for you.

At this point, you are probably wondering what’s taking him so long. Don’t worry, he is currently on his way and is just waiting for the right time when both of you are ready to settle and fight for each other.


picsart_10-21-06-1549596287.pngMaria Alma Figuron is a woman who’s currently giving away the purpose of her existence. She’s in love with how language changes the lives of others and is also committed in inspiring the minds of the future.

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